Building Partnerships

We at Maton Venture believe in creating true partnerships with our portfolio companies. The days where investors and companies are positioned in different camps are long over and only with cooperation and teamwork can there be success. Once an investment is made, we look upon ourselves as an integral part of the company and strive to create a close working relationship with them. While we make every effort to be actively involved and helpful, we are firmly against the proposition of getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the company and making decisions for the management team. We will be there with all the help and advice but in the end, it is the management team that will write the success story.

Bringing and Creating Value

Just like a venture capital firm looking for the right deal, a start-up company has to find the right investors. As a venture capital firm we are constantly seeking out the attractive deals but at the same time, we also ask ourselves if we can bring value to the company and help the company create value. Only with the right combination of investors and management team can the full potential of a start-up be realized. Maton Venture fully understands this notion and shares a common goal - the continued growth and success of your company. Besides providing the necessary capital, we will bring experience, resources and the appropriate network to help create real value for your company.

Writing Success Stories

"Dreams are born in the heart and mind... and only there can they ever die because while the difficult takes time, the impossible just take a little longer."

Berg, Art E.

The ultimate goal of Maton Venture is to compile a library of success stories together with our portfolio companies. We will not be content to simply see a good return through a few of our portfolio companies; we are committed to helping each and every one of them succeed. Let us share your dreams and help make them come true.

Market Opportunity

The presence of an attractive and growing market is one of the first things considered by Maton Venture when we look at potential investments. An infant in a promising market is more attractive than a major player in a dying market because a large and growing market presents more potential and offers more margin for error.

Unique Product

Technology start-up companies are sprouting up faster then we can count them and almost all of them claim to have a unique product. However only a handful of these companies can offer something that is truly different from their competitors. We are constantly searching for the select few companies that have truly unique product and ideas, which creates the barrier to entry from competition.

Management Team

A well-rounded and dynamic management team is one of the most important ingredients of a successful company. While we understand that some entrepreneurs may not have all the necessary skill sets to run a company, the character and determination of a person can often make up for some of the shortcomings. In many cases, assembling a management team is a process and not an event; it is more important to find the right person for a job than to find someone fast. Eventually, a complete team is a must for any company that wishes to reach the next level.